Is a user of performance-enhancing drugs a cheater, an opportunist or simply a realist in today’s sports world? That’s a long-standing debate, and it appears to have no end in sight. Regardless where you stand on the issue, though, it is no longer debatable that performance-enhancing drugs touch nearly every sport we watch and care about. And perhaps the most recognizable face of the “juiced” era belongs to Jose Canseco, the former big league slugger who has forged a second career by going public with charges of widespread steroid use in major league baseball. To the chagrin of his brethren in the game, he has named names. More often than not as the steroids story has unfolded, Canseco’s allegations have proved accurate.

In his tell-all book, “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big,” Canseco confessed to using illegal anabolic steroids online and human growth hormone from his first big league season to his last in 2001. This spring, Canseco’s name surfaced among several athletes caught up as customers in a government crackdown on Internet sales of performance-enhancing drugs.

True to form, he admitted that he purchased drugs online through Applied Pharmacy Services. The two owners of the company based in Mobile, Ala., have been indicted by an Albany, N.Y., grand jury. Canseco recently shared with his firsthand experiences buying drugs buy online steroids.

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